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The elevator is the means of transport movement of people and goods vertically from the bottom upwards and vice versa, and the elevator is usually placed in the many-storey buildings, in order to facilitate the ascent to the upper floors without discomfort. Because of the laws in some countries, the elevator may be legal demands in some large buildings, especially if other methods impractical.
Moving the elevator mechanism differed throughout history, it is physical effort to steam engines electrical Vamahrkat common now. But the principle of working under one, cockpit or cabin tight rope filed or inflicted with special cases, such as those supplied to the elevators where the cabin engine. Provide current lifts special electrical panel buttons which allow the rider to choose floor level or who wishes to access it.
We often find the elevators installed inside the hollow columns allow the elevator cabin to move vertically (up and down). If the elevator cabin door closed room, they sometimes Aspects of glass that allows commuters to follow up the external atmosphere, whether the building's lobby, as is the case in some hotels, markets or views of the outside, especially in the glass-front condominium building.




Subht the elevators need not be inevitable, especially in high-rise buildings. The afternoon is a special type elevators with special needs and users of wheelchairs, they are vertical movement device, but without a cage or cabin, but only allows the holder appropriate to go beyond the so-called ladders also Bmtzlqh stairs

Geometry and dimensions of the building and the elevators provide a safe transfer of people, Every day puts the number of transfers by individuals transported one billion, two million vehicle monitoring device for warning of any defect. Elevators are often in contact center remote control. Users can use the telephone in the cabin. Center for network control computers store certain information received from the sensor system for the elevator, and the rest is stored locally in the electronic control device.
Local control of the elevators in skyscrapers Center is equipped to record all daily movements. In order to provide each of the elevator and asked to spare the delays felt by users, and allows the flow of the mobile system is good for the movement of vehicles. Enables the study of recordings of the movement of the earlier days of the regime currently anticipate the movement and in the future and hence control the pathways to regulate the movement.